n4 The record is unclear as to who the selecting official for the December 1990 vacancy announcement was. The hearing testimony shows, however, that the certificate was referred to Marlene Smith, the Deputy Director of the Engineering Services Office, who had drafted the position description on behalf of the Office. It is unclear, however, that she was the selecting official. See Testimony of China Christian, H.T. Three, Side A. The administrative judge's assertion that Ms. Christian did not know why Ms. Smith determined that none of the individuals was qualified, see I.D. at 6 n.1, is in error. Ms. Christian testified that Ms. Smith was told the job must be reannounced considering the specific knowledge, skills and abilities requirements as set forth by the Office of Personnel Management in the X-118C. See H.T., id. There is no other record evidence on the circumstances of the cancellation, however, and, in any event, it is unclear that the appellant was not qualified for the position; thus, any error on the administrative judge's part is of no legal consequence.

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