We have collected some pleadings filed in actual cases to illustrate employment litigation. These pleadings should not be adopted to other claims without securing the services of an attorney. Nor does our reproduction of them constitute any endorsement or warranty of them. Please feel free to submit additional pleadings.

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Employment Complaints

Paula Corbin Jones v. William Jefferson Clinton The sexual harassment lawsuit brought against the President.
Hyman v. First Union Corp. Age Discrimination Class Action Complaint
Long v. Rubin A white female employees alleges race and sex discrimination
Chong v. Columbia Sportswear Company A suit filed by coworkers seeking recovery for being exposed to smoke from coworkers.
Mackenzie v. Miller The lawsuit that lead to a substantial verdict arising in part from workplace discussion of a Seinfeld episode.
CWA v. Bell Atlantic, NYNEX at el. A class action complaint alleging, inter alia, failure to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act.
Katzenberg v. Walt Disney Company Jeff Katzenberg's breach of contract complaint against the Walt Disney Company.
Davis v. Espey Joan Davis race discrimination and retaliation complaint against U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Wozniak v. Tidelands Community Service Board and Thomas Broome A public sector whistle blower and First Amendment case.
Jack Dugan v. Georgia Housing and Finance Authority and David Pinson A public sector whistle blower and First Amendment case that resulted in a $150,000 jury verdict.
James v. Coors Brewing Company A Title VII Race Discrimination Complaint
Keough v. Texaco A libel complaint alleging that the Plaintiff was made the scapegoat for the revelation of discriminatory language used at Texaco
Abadallah et al. v. The Coca-Cola Company. A class action discrimination complaint alleging a glass ceiling to promotional advancement.
John Doe et al v. United States. A class action complaint on behalf of Department of Justice attorneys for overtime compensation.


Disney's Answer to Katzenberg's Complaint

Summary Judgment

EEOC's Opposition to Defendant Mitsubishi's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment A pleading from the EEOC's celebrated action to end alleged widespread sexual harassment at Mitsubishi's U.S. manufacturing facility.

Attorneys Fees

Request for Attorneys' Fees in Sharon Faulkner v. The Citadel
Special Masters Report Recommending 20 Million Dollars in Attorneys' Fees in Roberts V. Texaco

Petitions for Writ of Certiori

Sharar v. Bowers - Petition for Writ of Certiori to the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals A female attorney seeks Supreme Court review of the 11th circuit's dismissal of her claim that the Georgia Attorney General violated her constitutional rights when he dismissed her after she participated in a marriage ceremony with another female.





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