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We bill honestly and objectively for our services and attempt to accurately predict the total cost, not only at the outset of the representation, but during its course as developments change our initial assessment.

Our hourly rates include routine office costs such as photocopying, faxing and similar costs. We pass on to our clients only those costs we actually incur from outside sources, such as courier charges, long distance telephone charges, travel expenses, outside printing and publishing costs, and then on a no markup basis. We do this because we believe that the law firm's common practice of charging $.25 a page or more for photocopying, $1.00 a page for faxing and increasing up travel expenses is really a subterfuge for adding fees for legal work.

Our hourly rates are very competitive and are set based upon our assessment of the value of our time. We also welcome flat fees, fee limits, and other alternatives to the hourly fee. Both our experience and innovative approach to legal practice will result in expending less billable time to the representation, than would be the case for more traditional law firms. We endeavor to accurately, honestly and objectively estimate costs in advance. Where events in the lawsuit modify that estimate, we promptly advise our clients. When the client does not direct otherwise, we always endeavor to handle each representation in the most cost effective manner consistent with our assessment of the client's objectives and what we determine will best achieve those objectives in that case.

We understand that we are in a highly competitive service business. Therefore, we endeavor to provide the highest level of client service. Phone calls are returned promptly and no later than the day they are received. Clients are provided copies of pleadings, correspondence, and other primary documents generated on their representation. Clients' concerns and suggestions are addressed continuously throughout the course of the representation. All developments are immediately communicated to the client as they occur. We endeavor to explain in clear and concise language what is happening, its significance and its impact on the representation's outcome.