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We represent both employers and employees. Today most labor and employment law firms continue the practice of concentrating on representing only employees ( and their unions) or employers. As the American workplace evolves, however, we find that there are more advantages to discard that practice then to blindly follow it. First, the experience and insights we obtain from representing "the opposite side" provide a competitive advantage in formulating the strategy which will be most effective in any particular situation. We are able to offer considerable cost savings in litigation because we realize which depositions, document production requests and other discovery requests will be most effective. Similarly, having ample experience on the defense side, we are able to anticipate our opposition's next actions more accurately so that it is less likely to be successful. In essence, we take the best practices from both sides and utilize them to provide the most effective representation in your case.

Secondly, as the American workplace evolves, there is less of a dichotomy between employer and employee. Our clients span from blue collar workers, through technicians, supervisors, executives, and professionals, to independent contractors, sole proprietors to small and midsize businesses. In addition, today there is an increasing recognition in companies of all sizes of the value of the individual to organizations of any size. Recognition of the shift in the employee-employer relationship from adversarial to a partnership is exemplified by representing the entire workforce spectrum.