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We are committed to providing top quality legal representation. We are fully knowlegeable on all aspects of employment law. We keep fully abreast of all developments in employment law and endeavor to keep on the cutting edge of new devlopments. We pride ourselves on producing a work product that is second to none in quality and effectiveness. In accordance with modern legal practice, our pleadings are written directly, simply and convincingly. We adhere totally to the ethical standards of the legal profession which require us to zealously represent our clients with honesty and integrity. We practice law civilly, according the tribunal, opposing counsel, and all parties respect coutesy and dignity. We concentrate on total and complete prepartion for trials, hearings and court appearances. Where the legal issues in a particular case are complex or the procedure is unfamiliar, we endeavor to explain the issues and their consequences to our clients fully and in non-legal language.

We bill honestly and objectively for our services and attempt to accurately predict the total cost, not only at the outset of the representation, but during its course as developments change our initial assessment.

We understand that we are in a highly competitive service business. Therefore, we endeavor to provide the highest level of client service. Phone calls are returned promptly and no later than the day they are received. Clients are provided copies of pleadings, correspondence, and other primary documents generated on their representation. Clients' concerns and suggestions are addressed continuously throughout the course of the representation. All developments are immediately communicated to the client as they occur. We endeavor to explain in clear and concise language what is happening, its significance and its impact on the representation's outcome.