To define the policy of this Company that all employees have the right to work in an environment free from physical violence, threats, and intimidation.

The Company’s position is that violence is a form of serious misconduct that undermines the integrity of the employment relationship. No employee should be subject to unsolicited and physical violence, threats, or intimidation. Such behavior may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.


Has a strong commitment to its employees to provide a safe, healthy and secure work environment. The Company also expects its employees to maintain a high level of productivity and efficiency. The presence of weapons and the occurrence of violence in the work place during working hours or otherwise are inconsistent with these objectives. While the Company has no intention of intruding into the private lives of its present or potential employees, it expects all employees to report on the work site without possessing weapons and to perform their job without violence towards any other individual. expects all of its employees to work in a manner so that they can perform their duties in a safe and productive manner.


All applicants considered for employment with will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have received this Policy and understand its contents and intent. all current employees will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have received this Policy and understand its contents and intent. Any applicant or employee who refuses to sign the acknowledgement will be subject to termination, up to and including discharge.

Definitions Used in this Policy

  • Crime of Violence or Violence:
    Includes any degree of murder, voluntary manslaughter, aggravated rape, rape, mayhem, especially aggravated robbery, aggravated robbery, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, assault, physical or verbal threats, and battery.
  • Weapon: Includes an explosive or an explosive weapon, a device principally designed, made or adapted for delivering or shooting an explosive weapon, a machine gun, a short-barrel rifle or shotgun, a handgun, a firearm silencer, a switchblade knife or any other type of knife, or knuckles, or any other implement for infliction of bodily injury, serious bodily injury or death which has no common lawful purpose.
  • On the work site: Includes all property owned or occupied by (including Company job sites) or in a Company vehicle.
  • Possession: Includes, but is not limited to, the presence of weapon on the employee, in his/her motor vehicle, lunch box, locker, tool kit, bag, purse, cabinets, office, etc.

Policy Implementation

  • It is the responsibility of the Plant Manager to ensure that all employees are informed of and aware of this Policy and legal guidelines.
  • Employees who are victims of or witnesses to violent incidents should immediately report such conduct to their supervisors or the Human Resources Manager.

Prohibited Actities

Specifically prohibits the following and will routinely discipline an employee up to and including discharge for any of the following:

  • Use, possession, or sale any weapon as described above.
  • Storing any weapon in a locker, desk, vehicles, lunch box, tool kit, bag, purse or other repository on the work site or other Company premises.
  • Illegal possession, use, or sale of a weapon off Company property that adversely affects his/her own or other’s safety at work, or indicates a propensity for same.
  • Refusing to submit to an inspection for the presence of a weapon that is requested by the Company.
  • Conviction under any criminal statute for the illegal possession of a weapon or for committing a violent act against the person or property of another.
  • Refusing to sign a statement to comply with the Company’s Policy on Work place Violence.
  • Refusing to participate in an investigation pertaining to allegations or suspicion that violence has or is likely to occur, or an investigation pertaining to the carrying of a weapon by the employee or a co-employee.
  • Verbal or physical threats, threatening gestures, or statements.
  • Fighting.

The Company, in its discretion, may from time to time modify this policy. In the event Work place Violence Policy is revised, a copy of the revised policy will be provided to each employee and the to the extent that the employee acknowledgement of the Policy may need to be updated or revised, each employee will be required to sign an updated version.


  • An employee who witnesses an incident of violence or threatening language or conduct must report the incident to his or her supervisor or Human Resources promptly.
  • No employee who reports an incident of violence or threatening conduct or participates in an investigation of such an incident shall be subject to retaliation.


  • An employee who violates this Policy by engaging in violent conduct or bringing a weapon into the work place is subject to discipline up to and including immediate termination.
  • An employee who violates this Policy by bringing onto the work site a weapon and whose employment is not terminated by the Company will be subject to searches from time to time, for an indefinite period of time not to exceed one (1) year from the date of the violation.
  • An employee’s consent to submit to a search is required as a condition of employment and the employee’s refusal to consent may result in disciplinary action, including discharge, for a first refusal or any subsequent refusal.


  • The Company has the right to search any areas on Company premises for weapons including, but not limited to, lockers, furniture, containers, drawers, equipment or other facilities, lunch boxes, briefcases, personal bags, personal toolboxes or tool kits, parking lots, Company vehicles and personal vehicles parked on Company premises.
  • If an employee is injured while participating in a fight or after instigating a fight, then entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits may be denied.
  • No part of this Policy, nor any procedure therein, is intended to affect the Company’s right to manage or control its workforce, or be construed as a guarantee or contract of employment or continued employment.

Non Retaliation

This policy also prohibits retaliation against employees who report incidents of threats, physical violence, intimidating conduct, or weapons possession. Any employee bringing a harassment complaint or assisting in the investigation of such a complaint will not be adversely affected in terms and conditions of employment, nor discriminated against or discharged because of the complaint.


Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the President.

Modification and Revision

This policy is subject to modification or revision in part or in its entirety to reflect changes in conditions subsequent to the effective date of this policy.