We have compiled this web site as a basic resource for information on American employment law. There are links to government agencies, source materials, and employment law firms. We have also included sample pleadings, some articles and some news items.

The page is offered as a public service by Adam J. Conti, LLC a law firm representing employees and employers in all aspects of labor and employment law, with a special emphasis on public sector employment.

This page also showcases our firm’s legal practice. From offices in Atlanta, GA, we proudly and aggressively represent Federal employees at all levels and from all agencies throughout the United States and world wide. We also represent employee of all levels of government, private sector employees, executives and small businesses in all employment matters.

Adam J. Conti, LLC is a law firm, organized as a limited liability company under the laws of the State of Georgia, with a practice limited to employment law. We represent Federal employees world wide.

Our Practice Areas

Federal Employee Representation 1
Public Employee Representation 2
Workplace ADR 3
Severance Negotiations 4
Small Business Representation 5
Employment Counseling 6

Federal Sector Employment Law

Adam J. Conti, LLC, represents Federal employees in all aspects of employment law in the Southeast, throughout the United States and worldwide. The firm has handled Federal sector cases in the following areas:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints during the investigation phase, in hearings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and discrimination lawsuits in Federal Courts
  • Adverse action appeals before Federal agencies and before the Merit Systems Protect Board
  • Whistleblower complaints before the Office of Special Counsel and the Merit System Protections Board
  • Workers compensation claims under the Federal Employee Compensation Act before the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workers Compensation Programs
  • Regular and disability retirement applications with the Office of Personnel Management and appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Mediation and arbitration proceedings involving Federal employment issues
  • Counseling Federal employees in all aspects of their employment

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The law governing the relationship between government at all levels and its employees is very complex. In addition to experiencing all the problems present in private sector employment, public sector employment presents its own unique legal challenges. These arise from due process and other constitutional considerations that arise because the government is the employer; federal civil rights laws; overlapping layers of governing law, regulation and policy; the presence of politics and the absence of a profit motive; the size and complexity of the government bureaucracies; complex immunity issues, and the sundry court and administrative avenues available for challenging government employment actions. A unique blend of experience, knowledge and expertise is needed to successfully navigate this sea of complexities. Adam J. Conti, LLC, is uniquely qualified to conquer this complex field.

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ADR Synopsis

The relationship between employer and employee is continuing and dynamic. Like a marriage, disagreements and periods of stress are inevitable. The way in which these disharmonies are handled can drive the parties further apart or serve to enhance and strengthen their overall relationships. Furthermore, the experts report that it costs the employer far less to repair a strained employee relationship than to recruit and train a replacement.

ADR Synopsis

Severance Negotiations

One of the unfortunate byproducts of increased global competition is the demise of job security for the American worker. A generation ago most employers rewarded longevity with an intense effort to ensure that their employees where kept on the payroll until normal retirement age was reached. But businesses tended to last longer in those days and the entire working environment was far more stable. Today, unless one is represented by labor organization or had sufficient leverage to secure a contract providing employment guarantees, there are no promises for continued employment, regardless of the level of past accomplishment. As a result, one of the legal services we offer with increasing frequency is severance negotiations, primarily on behalf of the displaced professional or executive, but also for companies who seek to separate personnel equitably and with a maximum degree of protection against subsequent litigation.

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Small Business Employment Law Representation

Adam J. Conti, LLC, is uniquely qualified to represent small businesses in all aspects of employment and labor law. Adam Conti spent the first 12 years of his legal career with two nationally recognized labor law firms. During this period Adam served as lead counsel on a broad range of employment law matters, including lawsuits in Federal and state courts, unfair labor practice and representation cases before the National Labor Relations Board, unemployment compensation and discrimination charges before administrative tribunals, labor arbitrations and mediations. In addition Adam drafted employment policies, conducted supervisor and management training and advised employers on a wide array of employment related matters on a recurrent basis. The employers Adam represented ranged from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. In performing these duties Adam gained the respect and confidence of in-house counsel, human resources managers and operating executives.

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Employment Counseling

Sometimes all that a client needs is a professional assessment of a workplace issue and sound advice on how to respond. Our 30 years’ experience in understanding and resolving workplace problems, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of legal rights and experience in litigating employment claims, renders our firm exceptionally well qualified to assess and provide guidance for virtually any workplace issue. We understand the work environment and the complex organizational relationships that govern it. Our expertise in resolving workplace disputes through litigation or settlement further enhances our capacity to counsel employees and employers on any workplace issue. We have counselled numerous executives, professionals, and employees at all levels in responding to separation decisions, perceived discrimination, workplace bullying, compensation and other employment issues.

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