I have collected some sample policies and included links to some other policy sources. Since the policies are provided for general information purposes only, I cannot be responsible for any legal consequences which may arise if they are adopted in any particular circumstances. We would be delighted to review your existing employment policies or to structure new policies for your organization to meet your particular needs. Please call me at 404-531-0701 or send an e-mail for further information.

Core Values

  • Links to Actual Core Value Statements

E-Mail and Computer Usage Policies

  • Sample Simple E-Mail Policy
  • Sample Extensive E-Mail Policy

Work Place Dispute Resolution Policies

  • Sample Simple Dispute Resolution Policy

Work Place Violence Policies

  • Sample Work Place Violence Policy

Society for Human Resource Management Links

Employee handbooks extensive listing of sample employment policies available of the Internet. A great resource.

  • Links to on line policies from HR-Guide
  • Links to on line Employee Handbooks from HR-Guide
  • Littler Mendelson’s National Employer Handbook The self-styled “National Employment Law” firm sells its comprehensive employer handbook on line through credit card payment.