The emphasis here is on employment law. While I have included a few general links, I tried to limit these to only the most general resources. Please e-mail any suggested additions.

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List of Employment Attorneys in the United States maintained by Ron Schwartz

William Brawner, Ventura, Cal. – Federal Sector law

Steven E. Brown Westlake Village California – Federal sector employment law

Richard L. Conners, P.C., Law at Work Com. Management Employment Law, Kansas City

Adam Conti’s Internet Law Office

JJ Johnston, Esq., representing employees in Southern California

Jason L. Oliver, Pasadena, Cal. – sexual harassment

Ronald B. Schwartz, Chicago, Illinois

Tim Willoughby St. Louis Mo.

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FindLaw’s Labor Law Resources

Library of Congress from Cornell University and Human Resource Executive magazine an internet reference resource for work related websites.

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Fortney & Klingshirn’s Employment Law Articles


Dewey Publications – In my humble opinion, the best source for comprehensive treatises on federal employment law.

Federal Personnel Management Institute A rich source of information regarding employment law resources pertaining to employees of the federal government.

Federal Labor Relations Authority

Fedweek Don Mace’s free weekly newsletter updating developments in federal sector employment

Merit Systems Protection Board

The Regulations of the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board

EEOC’s Facts About Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Processing Regulations

The Regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

MD-110, Management Directive 110 The EEOC’s guidelines for processing Federal sector eeo complaints.

EEOC Administrative Judges Handbook

Office of Personnel Management Personnel policies, pay scales and benefits information for federal employees.

Office of Workers Compensation Programs Information about federal employee workers’ compensation from the U. S. Department of Labor.

Office of Workers Compensation Programs The Feingroup’s collection of resources about claims under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act.

U.S. Postal Service handbooks manuals and publications from the National Association of Letter Carriers

Recent Federal Sector Court Decisions

U. S. Office of the Special Counsel Information on protection for federal employee whistleblowers.

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HRGopher A comprehensive list of human resources Internet links.

HR-Guide. Links to websites of interest to Human Resources professionals and students. A rich source of human resource software and other web-related resources.

National Human Resources Organization

Business Owner’s

ToolkitFrom Commerce Clearing House – all the forms and guidance a small business needs to get started.

Society for Human Resource Management


BenefitsLink BenefitsLink The best resource on employee benefits on the Internet.

Society for Human Resource Management Links: Employee handbooks extensive listing of sample employment policies available of the Internet. A great resource.

Links to on line policies from HR-Guide

Links to on line Employee Handbooks from HR-Guide

Littler Mendelson’s National Employer Handbook The self-styled “National Employment Law” firm sells its comprehensive employer handbook on line through credit card payment.

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National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

Labor Unions. The AFL-CIO’s list of >affiliated labor organization homepages

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American Law Sources On Line. American Law Sources On Line (ALSO)

The American Law Institute’s Homepage This venerable institution provides comprehensive and scholarly restatements of various substantive areas of American law. Unfortunately, their site only sells their restatements

CourtTV Home Page

Dewey Publications – In my humble opinion, the best source for comprehensive treatises on federal employment law

Expert Los Angles Attorney

National Employment Law Institute – A well respected source of employment law seminars and provider of in-house training programs on employment issues

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources A very good resource for locating legal articles and publications

GSU College of Law — Legal Research Meta-Index A very comprehensive compendium of legal research resources on the Internet. A great starting place

Katsuey Kat’s Legal Links

Law and Politics: Internet Guide

Law New’s American Lawyer Media’s daily summary of top legal developments

National Practice Institute

The Attorneys Forum – Legal discussion forums

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BNA’s Fair Employment Practices Decisions Significant Rulings

BNA’s Employment & Labor Reporter

Employment Law Center from American Lawyer Media’s comprehensive source of new developments in employment law

HierosGamos Employment Law News

Labor and Employment Related Articles from Arent Fox

Employment Law Information Network

FindLaw’s Labor and Employment Law News

Garland’s Digest An innovative and inexpensive digests of U.S. Court of Appeals decisions on employment law issues. What the web is all about

The Labor Lawyer – An official publication of the American Bar Association’s Section of Labor and Employment Law

The Web Law Review A law journal in HTML


American Bar Association

National Employment Lawyers Association A professional organization for the plaintiff’s bar in employment matters

Professionals in Human Resources Association

The Society for Human Resource Management. A rich compendium of information and tools for the human resources professional, including sample employee handbooks policies and an on line version of HR Magazine.


Ask Adam E-mail any employment related question to me (Adam J. Conti) and I’ll try to return my visceral reaction to your by e-mail‘s frequently asked questions on employment law


Attorneys Forum – Legal Help and Law Discussion Forums

Basic Legal Citation – the Blue Book

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation by Peter W. Martin

The Center for Corporate Law A collection of legal search engines, discussion groups, legal links and a bulletin board addressing sundry legal topics A collection of internet based legal resources.

LRRX.COM A comprehensive site containing links to numerous legal resources

Yahoo – Law

Yahoo – Government:Law:Employment Law A diverse collection of employment law resources

Hieros Gamos – A general legal reference resource This aspires to being a most comprehensive resource on all available legal resources

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Attorney Find Attorney Find Homepage

Experts Directory A directory of Experts

FedWorld Home Page

Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory The Most Respected Directory of American Lawyers>

Find Law – West Legal Directory of American Attorneys

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Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Evidence

Rules of Court from – Links to court rules and forms from numerous jurisdictions

Court forms from U.S. Court

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Adam’s Software Archives Links to and copies of my favorite software

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U.S. Code >From

U.S. Code A searchable index of the United States Code from the U.S. House of Representatives Law Library

Code of Federal Regulations from >

Code of Federal Regulations from the National Archives and Records Service

State Code and Statutes CounselQuest’s comprehensive links to statutes and codes from across the Unites States

Human Resources Codes and Laws provided by ERI Economic Research Institute


Civil Rights & Equal Employment Laws and Regulations A list of laws and regulations lifted from> the FEDLAW> site

State labor and employment laws from Cornell’s Legal Information Institute

State and Local Tax, Revenue and Labor Laws The American Payroll Association‘s state by state listing of links to state tax, revenue, labor and child support websites

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