In February 1995 I secured a $150,000 jury verdict in the case of John Dugan v. Georgia Housing and Finance Authority and David C. Pinson.

Jack Dugan had been the Finance Director of a Georgia State Government Agency for over twenty years when he learned in 1993 that several managers in the agency had received substantial pay increases in the midst of a pay freeze imposed by the governor. Shortly after he reported this to the Agency’s Board of Directors, he was summarily terminated for alleged performance problems. In our complaint, we alleged a violation of the Georgia Whistleblower’s Act, and retaliation for exercise his First Amendment right of free Speech, among other claims. Jack waived reinstatement in exchange for $225,000.

Case name: Jack Dugan v. Georgia Housing and Finance Authority

Case Number: Case No. 93-CV-11023

Court: DeKalb County Superior Court (Georgia)

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