American Law Sources On Line. American Law Sources On Line (ALSO)

The American Law Institute’s Homepage This venerable institution provides comprehensive and scholarly restatements of various substantive areas of American law. Unfortunately, their site only sells their restatements

CourtTV Home Page

Dewey Publications – In my humble opinion, the best source for comprehensive treatises on federal employment law

Expert Los Angles Attorney

National Employment Law Institute – A well respected source of employment law seminars and provider of in-house training programs on employment issues

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources A very good resource for locating legal articles and publications

GSU College of Law — Legal Research Meta-Index A very comprehensive compendium of legal research resources on the Internet. A great starting place

Katsuey Kat’s Legal Links

Law and Politics: Internet Guide

Law New’s American Lawyer Media’s daily summary of top legal developments

National Practice Institute

The Attorneys Forum – Legal discussion forums